Hiding away

when the light is too bright

I need to get out and socialize some more. I’m a home-body. An introvert. I love being able to work from home because I 1) don’t have to leave the house, 2) am far more productive and creative than being in the office, and 3) I just… I love being in my home.

But, I do really need to start making more effort to socialize. At the very least, I need to get more sunlight (ha). I started looking into social meetups (on Meetups.com) and possibly joining a local photo club. I’m also starting to look into ways to get involved with the community. My worry is that I do have a full plate with work and school, and I have a good (productive) rhythm with them right now. I fear that adding anything else would take that balance away.

Though, what kind of “balance” do I really have if I’m not doing something that takes me outside and interacting with people (other than coworkers and schoolmates) regularly?

2 responses to “Hiding away”

  1. I used to think I wanted to go out more and socialize, but it’s just not what I enjoy doing most in my spare time. I think everyone’s “balance” is different. If you don’t mind me saying, I notice you often say “I need to…”, but I am wondering why you think you need to? It’s okay to not be social if that’s not your personality. Of course, if you want to change and be a more social person, then go for it! Just make sure you’re comfortable with the reason. Is it to make yourself happy, to make others happy (which is fine depending on who it is), or just social expectations? Anyway, that’s just my thought on the matter. I hope I’m not being too preachy.

    • This is not preachy at all. I welcome this; you ask some good questions and make a much needed observation. I think you nail it, actually. I think this is me coming to terms (or becoming more aware of, at least) that I’m not a social person. I feel like I used to be. I used to be more inclined to socialize but, this is definitely something that has changed along the line.

      I’m not exactly sure why I “need” to. That’s something that I need to think on for a little bit. I really appreciate your feedback, though. Thanks!

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