Five things for the week

Merry Christmas!//
  1. This. Just… we just need more of this in 2019. Throughout the whole year. I know that I want to do more. I love random, anonymous, acts of kindness. I’ll be looking to do more in 2019.
  2. There’s an 80% chance I’ll be buying a car (used) this week. We have been a one-car household for the latter half of 2018 and it was okay. I’m starting to realize, though, that I need to get out into the world a lot more often than I have been, lately. A car isn’t the answer but, it definitely would help.
  3. I’m enjoying the daily Connect Four games my wife and I have at our dining room table. It’s one of her favorite games and we recently started playing it again.
  4. I rejoined Nextdoor (since our move back to CA) for our new neighborhood and yeah, it’s still a dumpster fire of a social media platform. Now, instead of arguments breaking out between random strangers, I can witness arguments breaking out between neighbors. Fun stuff. Thinking about deleting the app again.
  5. Merry Christmas!

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