Recently read, watched, and listened


This pissed me off. It’s outlandish that he got away for so long, and with so many not suspecting anything. Though, those who covered for him need to rot in prison as well. 

This creeped me out. Stories like these just make me sit and wonder how people can do things like this to one another. 


The first act was good, entertaining, and I liked the energy. The other acts dropped increasingly towards the end. The actors all did very well; I liked their performances. I love the western genre and think the Coen Brothers do it well. I read that this was intended to be a series, not a feature film. I think it would have been much better as a series.

Meh. I felt like I was watching Big Hero 6, Chappie, Short Circuit, I Robot, Bicentennial Man, or Iron Giant. The premise in movies like this has a lot of potential but these movies always end up so formulaic.  


Proof is my new favorite podcast (lately). 

This week, if I wasn’t using Noisli while working, I had Superorganism playing in the background. 

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