Five things for the week

  1. No picture ready for this post is a good indicator that I need to step up my photo game so that I don’t run into this same issue next week. I could post another food pic but, nah.
  2. I’m beginning to appreciate curated email newsletters again though, it’s still rough trying to find ones that I actually enjoy/look forward to. It also makes me wonder if I need to even bother with a newsletter of my own given that I’m not entirely positive that I would be able to keep it interesting from issue to issue.
  3. Playing Jurassic World: Evolution (PC) and it’s so what I wanted in this game it’s not even funny. I’m tempted to buy Forza Horizon 4 because I love the open world concept in a driving game. It’s cathartic to drive through farmers’ fields with a Ferrari.
  4. Damn, it feels really good to be back in California. My mind and body health is definitely improving.
  5. In another life, I think I would have become a chef.

Valley Queen

I’m adding this track to the list of songs* to write scenes to. Also, Valley Queen has been added to my list of favorite music groups. Check them out.



*I started a list of songs that I want to write scenes to. You know, scenes… like what you see in movies where there is little dialog (if any) and the combination of music and visuals speak for themselves. I do that, in my head, a lot when I listen to music. It’s about time I start putting those to paper.

Had I more optimism…


The hotel we stayed at was two blocks away from the Watergate. The Watergate has a great rooftop bar so, a few of us decided to head over to unwind. When we arrived, we were disheartened to find out that the rooftop was rented out to a private party for the evening. So, we settled for drinks inside the lobby-level bar.

The trip was not something that I was looking forward to. It felt like I had just left the area (we completed our cross-country drive four weeks before), and we were living in between rentals while waiting for escrow to close on our own home. The week that I was needed in DC just so happened to be the week that escrow was slated to close, we would be able to move in, and our moving truck would arrive. I didn’t want to work-travel while all of that was happening. I didn’t want to leave M to deal with everything herself.

It all worked out, though. Really well, in fact. In large part because my wife is freakin’ awesome and so very capable. I worry too much. The meetings/workshop that required the travel was extremely beneficial as well. It was sorely needed and extremely helpful for my team and I to complete the next series of steps and goals. Worth it.

In hindsight, I wish I would have had more faith in things working out for the better, and thus been able to fully enjoy, in the moment, the old fashioned I sipped at the Watergate that evening.

Sacramento, CA

River scene

I took the above photo a few weekends ago, while M and I wandered around downtown and old town Sacramento. I’m falling for this city; I think it’s an underrated California “gem”. It fits what she and I were looking for.

We wanted a small-big city. Though I will always love Southern California (Ventura County, Greater Los Angeles), and it’s urban sprawl and wonderful diversity, I wanted something more… rural? Not sure if that’s the right word. I wanted a place where I could get “city life” yet still be amongst farms.

This is it. We’re in suburban Sacramento, just a 7-minute drive to downtown. Our neighborhood is uber quiet, across form a park, and filled with young families. On weekends and evenings, we can jet into the city to get our culture (food, events, sports, shopping, etc.) without much fuss. Dinners out are awesome; just a $5-10 Lyft ride so we both can drink and laugh and enjoy without much worry about finding/paying for parking or DUIs.

The rivers (Sacramento and American) are gorgeous. Folsom Lake is so close, too. No shortage of recreational and scenic waterscapes around here.

We’re a quick drive to the bay area, Redwood National Park, Yosemite, Santa Cruz/Monterey, and more. A little longer, and we can drive to Southern CA, Portland, and more places our family and friends are in. It’s central to the people and places we want in our lives.

Now that we have the location settled, it’s time we start taking advantage. Quality of life… that’s what all of this is about.

Five things for the week


  1. Why am I driving myself crazy trying to figure out which iPhone XS to upgrade to (XS or XS Max) when it’s absolutely not even something that is necessary to do?!? I’m perfectly fine with what I have. Stop it. Just, stop.
  2. There’s so much more out there that I want to spend my brain power, money, and time on.
  3. It felt really good to wake up on a Saturday and cook breakfast in my own kitchen, in my own home.
  4. Create create create.
  5. My tendency is to overcomplicate things because sometimes my brain cannot comprehend that some things are just easy. Plain and simple, some things are just easy. I don’t need elaborate dinners every night. I don’t need complicated workflow processes. I don’t need separate software to journal versus take notes versus track tasks. It’s all so crazy.


No more pizza boxes (for a while)

I’m just so happy that our refrigerator doesn’t have some portion of leftover pizza in it.

Six weeks. Six weeks living out of a suitcase, jumping from hotels to rentals and back to hotels. All in all it could have been worse. And, we did land in our own home (the moving truck finally arrived yesterday, after almost a week of “clamping” in our living room).

Six weeks of eating out, ordering delivery, or fumbling through small kitchenettes to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And pizza… Lord, so much pizza.

Sounds like I’m complaining, right? Sounds like I have no right to complain, as some of this stuff described above sounds like someone else’s dream vacation/staycation?

The root of it all (yes, my complaining) is that we finally are home; we can establish some roots. We plan to be here for the foreseeable future. We’re happy to be back on the west coast, in California, living in the Pacific time zone. We’re happy to be much closer to our family and friends.

And we’re happy to take that break from pizza.