Five things for the week

Sunday mornings
Sunday mornings
  1. This week, thanks to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert podcast, I discovered some new music that I like. Superorganism is a fun band with some great energy. I really like their creativity.
  2. The camera will live in my bag, and my bag will go whoever I go. The camera will live in my bag, and the bag will go whoever I go. The camera…
  3. I have always known that cooking was another outlet for me, both creatively and for stress relief. I am gaining some renewed energy around cooking, which is good. Lately I have been “too busy”, or in other words too stressed out, to work it into my routine. But, the realization here is that if it’s not in my routine, then my balance is off.
  4. I switched back to 1) having one phone, no longer splitting work and personal between two phones, and 2) using the iPhone 8 plus instead of the iPhone X. There are many reasons behind all of this. It all boils down to making choices based off of practicality and function. Both choices can be traced to being more functional, more practical.
  5. It’s important for me to remember, and understand, that I have much more control over my happiness than I originally believed to have.

Dear tomorrow me,

It’s time to get better. It’s time to take back control. For too long, you have been coasting You were good, are good. You have talent. You can lead. You have let your foot off of the gas. You are coasting now. And you’re starting to drift.

Coasting, drifting, and waiting for something to happen. No more. No more waiting. Now, you need to act to make things happen. It’s time. You have been coasting for too long.

It’s time for you to take it all back, make the life you want, and be the person you want.

It’s not that time is running out, its that you need to have more respect for time itself. Respect that it will keep moving, with or without you.

It’s time to get better.