Five things for the week

  1. Sunday mornings at home are the best. My wife and I usually spend the morning with a good breakfast (like this morning’s, pictured above) before relaxing for the rest of the morning. For me, that usually means reading, writing, or reviewing photographs from contacts’ social media streams. The afternoons are spent lazily doing chores and prepping for the upcoming week, including some meal prep. Just overall good, relaxing and rejuvenating days (when done right).
  2. This season’s allergies are already kicking my ass.
  3. At the beginning of 2018, I split up work and personal lives onto two different mobile phones. I love the physical separation between the two devices but really miss the convenience of everything in one place. Though, the separation and being able to turn off (leave the work phone in a bag and/or at home on weekends), far outweighs that.
  4. Want some fun music? Check out Confidence Man.
  5. Is spent more time than I should have, this morning, researching which garden pruners I should buy. Way too much time. Way.

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