What Panera has right… ordering.

When I am looking for a place to eat, Panera doesn’t come up high on my list. It isn’t that the food is bad. It’s not. In fact, some of the items on their menu are really good. It’s just that my mind doesn’t think “Oh, Panera! Yeah, let’s go there!” Panera falls into the middle on my scale of go to restaurants.

What i do like about Panera? The mltitude of ordering options. You can order “traditionally” at the counter with a person (cashier). You can order through a kiosk (touch screen) located throughout the restaurants. You can immediately sit at a table and order form there using an app or through their website (my favorite method). You can also pre-order for easy pickup.

All restaurants should look to do this. Not only does it give patrons ordering options, it allows for different levels of human interaction which is also a plus. I love having options.

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