Daily Prompt: Crossing

There was the fast, direct way. There was the not as fast, not as direct way. And then, there was the slowest but most fun way.

The slowest, most fun way required that I take side streets from my house to school (community college). Both were in the same town, just on opposite sides. Most of these sides streets (at the time) had no traffic signals at intersections. It was a small town back then.

The fun came at one particular intersection. And only during a specific time in the morning. If I recall, usually between 7 and 9 AM. See, at this one intersection was a crossing guard. My guess is that she was in her late forties, early fifties. When she wasn’t helping kids navigate to the other sides of that intersection, she would wave at every car that passed.

Every single car. Not out of obligation. Not out of responsibility. Simply because she enjoyed it. She waved! At everyone. And smiled while doing so.

Admittedly, I opted for the slowest, most fun way at every chance I could.

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

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