Essentialism, you’re doing it wrong

Ok, so I don’t think I need a laptop anymore. Paired with the bluetooth keyboard, the tablet should work just fine for my needs. I can get by with just this and the smartphone. Or…

What if I kept the laptop and ditched the tablet? That makes more sense. I can get more done on the laptop and use the smartphone on the go. No need for the tablet. It’s kind of a wasted in-between device. Yeah, let’s do that.

But, sometimes I travel and don’t want to take a laptop. Ok, the tablet would come in very handy there. But, then again, sometimes I want the laptop because I can get more done with that.

And the smartphone is non-negotiable. No way I’ll ditch that…

Though, I could downgrade to a pre-paid voice only phone and just carry the tablet. Nah, too big. But, during travel, that could work.

Sometimes I need a Windows machine and an iOS machine. So what about…

*cue explosion ala Monte Python style-skit*

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