Layers and long-johns

“I know I’m going to catch Hell for this but, what kind of clothes will I need?”

I asked three people that question. And those three people did, in fact, give me Hell. And, they will continue to throughout the trip. Raised in Southern California, and anti-snow, the heaviest jacket I own would probably be comfortable in 40 degree climate at best. My body temp runs normally hot, so seeing me in shorts while others are bundled up is not an unusual sight.
But, subzero temps not counting windchill? Definitely uncharted territory for me.
Over the past couple of months, you may have heard me say the following:

“How do I pack winter clothes for 18 days?”
“Do I wear underwear under the long-johns?”
“Will I seriously need long-johns?”
“Damn, these long-johns are hella-itchy!”
“Layers… Hmm, layers…”
“Does *insert clothing item here* count as a ‘layer’?”

The local Columbia Outlet received a good portion of my last few paychecks. As a result, not only am I (hopefully) prepared to face the cold, I’ll also be masquerading as a Columbia clothing model while there.

One thought on “Layers and long-johns

  1. you can always wear silk longjohns. they aren't itchy, and they do keep you warm, though admittedly not as warm as the thicker materials out there. take a good scarf (wind finds its way down necks) and Definitely Take a Hat (along with that uber-parka you've found). Sports Chalet in LA had good winter gear, from what I remember. Sounds like you got good boots. Have gloves.You'll probably be fine in the cold weather if you run a bit hot–it might even be refreshing, so long as you got the proper gear. And another reason you want layers is because ppl in cold climates tend to OVERHEAT their interiors! Seriously, all the department stores, as well as people's apartments have the Heat Blasted All The Way UP. So you will be *sweating* within seconds of hitting interiors. Thus, the layers.IN fact, I don't wear long johns until temperatures go below 20F (though I do recommend the hat). I was walking around without long underwear in 10F, no problem, but I had a knee length North Face down parka–it was 'da bomb.

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