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As I begin to use Google Plus more and more, I become increasingly disappointed with the lack of content provided by sources and companies I would really like to “connect” with. I have taken some initiative in reaching out to them to ask why their posts are so rare/non-existant. One of the most common answers: There’s not enough traffic on G+ to warrant activity. We post where the traffic is”.
Completely understandable. Seriously, I get it.
Reminds me of a thought I had while sitting at a standstill, on I-405, during one of my 110 mile commutes to the office. I’m not in traffic. I am traffic.
With that in mind, wouldn’t there be an increase in traffic on Google Plus if the “content creators” were to, you know, create content? I know it’s tricky but, when you build something, you have to actually build.

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  1. Great point- the realization that "I am traffic" is brilliant. Simple and yet hard for most of us to see. To use an old cliche "Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd."

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