Some musings on a Sunday morning

It’s an itch that can’t be resolved with any creme or ointment.

Wow, that was a bad way to begin a post. I’m shocked that I even wrote that, as that’s a perfect example of what you would see on websites highlighting examples of bad opening lines to amateur-written novels. Oh, wait (revisits working draft of novel).

I’ve taken on more responsibilities at work, becoming the lead on an additional project as well as expended the scope of some of the things I’m already overseeing. This is good, as I’ve been searching for a few new challenges (and boy, these will definitely be challenging). In addition to my current responsibilities, I’ll be handling:

  • We’re acquiring new volunteer management software (an upgrade from our existing software of Nothing version 0.0) and I am responsible for overseeing the overall implementation. It’s similar to what I managed with the centralization and overall implementation of our games management software. I see this project taking at least a year, as not only is there implementation and user training, but there’s writing policies and procedures and overall database cleanup to consider. Not to mention, I want to do this right. And, for me, that’s more important than doing this quickly.
  • We’ll be expanding on a lot of our efforts with our School Partnership Programs and Project UNIFY. Big time, really incorporating those program aspects into our overall strategic plan type of big time. More on that later.

May not seem a lot, but it is. And, like I said, I’m looking forward to this. All of these projects, plus my own personal projects, are forcing me to revisit my own methods of productivity and organization. I’ve always considered myself highly organized, and I take a lot of pride in my abilities to multi-task. But multi-tasking isn’t everything (and not always the best method for getting things done). So I find myself reading books, rereading David Allen‘s works and discovering new sources like Jason Womack.

I’m also (finally) understanding the benefits of utilizing a tool like Evernote (more on that later, too).

Oh yeah, the “itch”. I’m not sure what has gotten into me, but my drive for personal projects seems to have grown at the same time my work life has added more to my plate. Funny how that all happens (nice timing, Life!). Photography, photography, photography. I keep talking about it. I hate that I keep talking about it. But, it will be happening. Soon. Very soon. And that’s just one of many personal projects I have on my list.

I could go on and on about all of the things I want to accomplish but, I’m stopping this post now. I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my rainy Sunday. Thanks for stopping by!

Blog note: I’m waiting for WordPress to import all of my posts from Posterous.

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