Time to process

My plate is full. 

I’m faced with a huge opportunity to help make a big impact on the work I’m doing. After completing one project (that took over two years to complete), I have been asked to lead another multi-year project that, if implemented correctly, will have a tremendous positive effect on the way our organization operates. 

In addition, I have another opportunity* to draft and implement a plan that will open doors to a large amount of growth in our program delivery, including both a large influx of constituents and, impact on the communities within our footprint. 

My wife says that I need to ask for a raise. 

Also, floating around the space between my imagination and whatever it is that sets realistic goals and wants, is my desire to take on a few side projects for my own sanity (away from my day job). Photography, as always, is in the middle of the mix, as is family, friends, and getting more involved in my own (local) community. I also have a couple premises for novels floating around in various notebooks. Some day I’ll actually begin writing that elusive novel.

While I have no doubt of my ability to see these things through, I am anxious. I do need some time to download, to process, to plan, to reorganize, to evaluate, to prioritize, to reseach, and, most of all, to have fun. 



*I use the word “opportunity” because I truly believe they are. I never imagined that I would have the autonomy to create and implement plans from scratch, in any job I imagined myself doing. And so, when our VPs ask me to lead these projects, I truly treat them as opportunities for which I am extremely grateful. 

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