Putting the anti-social me into “Park”

There are those who think photography meetups are a waste of their time. The most common excuse? All of the pictures look the same.

My response: that’s your own fault. If all of your pictures end up looking like everyone else’s, that’s on you. Spend your time finding unique subjects. Put your own personality into what you are photographing.

The past few years I’ve evolved to become a bit of a “lone wolf”. My anti-socialism kicked into high gear anytime “meetup” and “photography” were uttered in the same sentence. And, I cannot explain why.

I needed a break. That’s all I can sum it up as.It’s now time to park that anti-socialistic tendancy and get out amongst my peers.

Break is over, and it’s time to get back to what I enjoy doing most. Photographing. Talking aout photogtraphy with others. Learning as much as I can, and teaching others as much as I can.

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