Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

This Lao Tzu quote is hitting home for me.

Five things for the week

    1. The above video is something I took (via iPhone) yesterday afternoon. I remember looking up from my school work and watching the snow come down at a fairly rapid pace (it wasn’t cold enough to stick to roads, but enough to blanket the grassy areas). It was beautiful, so I though a nice slo-mo video would be fun. I also had some fun adding music to the video… perhaps this is something that I need to dabble more with?
    2. It’s all a good reminder that I do like to create, and I simply do not do that as often as I really should be.
    3. I’m not a big fan of snow and east coast winters. This California kid really, really misses Southern Ca. But it’s not just weather; there’s so much there that I miss.
    4. I have a great system for organization and productivity… my issue isn’t a lack of system. My issue comes from a lack of being able to consistently put in the work to make the system effective. This is something that depends on me being able to (re)build some routines that I have strayed from.
    5. I know who I want to be but, it’s still going to take a little bit of work to get there.


Koreans and Italian chickpeas

Italian-style chickpeas
I had breakfast with my friend, Andy, on Sunday. He is on his annual business trip to the east coast, from Korea. It’s always good to catch up with him. He has become one of my good friends since first meeting him in 2013. Three of his colleagues joined us, which was great (to meet new people). I feel bad, though, since the place I chose must have had an off day. Breakfast want good… at all.

But the friendship and the conversations were.

One thing about Koreans: they have a knack for making you feel self-conscious about things that you never gave thought about before. They don’t do it maliciously, nor intentionally… it’s just their nature. A lot of cultures do this whole “you don’t eat enough” and then “you are too fat!” contradictions. So, Sunday was full of that for me. It usually happens because I only see Andy once a year.

So, for dinner, I decided to prep a vegetarian dish (pictured above) of Italian-style chickpeas. This was a very simple recipe done in a slow-cooker. Pretty good. I had mine served over rice. It made the house smell wonderful all afternoon.

I always wish i had more time with Andy. Sometime soon I would like to travel back to Korea to visit him (and many others). Sounds like a goal for 2019?

Five things for the week

This morning, the soundtrack (in my head) for cooking breakfast was Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best!”. You’re probably familiar with this track thanks to the classic movie “The Karate Kid”. It’s one of those songs that works only when played during a montage. Why was this playing in my head? I have no idea. Have I recently watched “The Karate Kid”? Nope. Is my head filled with randomness at all times? Yep.

  1. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t have an affinity for either team. Though I love to hate the Patriots, their numbers Super Bowl appearances have beaten me down to the point where I just don’t care whether they win or lose anymore. And I have no tie to the Eagles. None.
  2. A coworker turned me on to the show Corporate. It has its moments, and is definitely growing on me. The food truck scene, in this week’s episode, cracked me up.
  3. Am I the only one who hears “Hot Pocket!” a la Jim Gaffigan, any time I pass by a Hot Topic store?
  4. I need to start building a stronger preparation to lead into the week. The combination of work and school (in addition to things I generally want to accomplish) is just too much. The week’s preparation is key to me being able to start the week strongly. I understand that the course of the week will change things but, being able to start strong will help me manage those changes later.
  5. Let your inner geek flag fly.

BTW – breakfast was the best. Thanks, Joe Esposito!

RIP, Ms Le Guin

This was a tough one, mainly because I recently am “rediscovering” her work. I remember reading a few of her novels (a few years back) and thinking, “I get it but I don’t get it”. But I started reading her writing again, within the past few months, and am now thinking, simply, “I get it.”

Last October I added as many novels of hers that I could find to my reading list. Some I have read, most I have not. And now this news…

She is one of the most legendary writers of our time. Under-appreciated and gone too soon.


Five things for the week

I like writing these. I want to get back to writing these on a regularly. I used to write “Five things for the day” as a daily journal prompt, and want to get back to doing this.

  1. I “postponed” my efforts of putting together a newsletter. Most of my hesitation is not having enough to write about. More accurately, not having enough to really want to share.
  2. I have been trying to break some bad habits and start some good ones. Most of it stems from me trying to be more in the moment. To enjoy life more. But it’s more difficult to follow through.
  3. I need to be a better person. It’s not that I’m a bad person. It’s just, the world. Everything happening now. We can all stand to be better. And it starts with me.
  4. I watched “Rotten” and, have so many more questions. And feel a bit powerless as a consumer.
  5. We humans are capable of more. And this is both good and bad.

The need to write things down (duh)

If I’m going to blog more often, I have to get back into the habit of writing all of my blog post ideas down. I had a few ideas, this week, that I didn’t record anywhere. So now, when I have time to write, I am drawing a big huge blank on what those were. I’m very bad at remembering things these days.

In any case… here’s to notebooks and pens (or notes taken on my phone), which should correlate to more blog posts. Right? Right.