Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

This Lao Tzu quote is hitting home for me.

Five things for the week


  1. Why am I driving myself crazy trying to figure out which iPhone XS to upgrade to (XS or XS Max) when it’s absolutely not even something that is necessary to do?!? I’m perfectly fine with what I have. Stop it. Just, stop.
  2. There’s so much more out there that I want to spend my brain power, money, and time on.
  3. It felt really good to wake up on a Saturday and cook breakfast in my own kitchen, in my own home.
  4. Create create create.
  5. My tendency is to overcomplicate things because sometimes my brain cannot comprehend that some things are just easy. Plain and simple, some things are just easy. I don’t need elaborate dinners every night. I don’t need complicated workflow processes. I don’t need separate software to journal versus take notes versus track tasks. It’s all so crazy.


No more pizza boxes (for a while)

I’m just so happy that our refrigerator doesn’t have some portion of leftover pizza in it.

Six weeks. Six weeks living out of a suitcase, jumping from hotels to rentals and back to hotels. All in all it could have been worse. And, we did land in our own home (the moving truck finally arrived yesterday, after almost a week of “clamping” in our living room).

Six weeks of eating out, ordering delivery, or fumbling through small kitchenettes to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And pizza… Lord, so much pizza.

Sounds like I’m complaining, right? Sounds like I have no right to complain, as some of this stuff described above sounds like someone else’s dream vacation/staycation?

The root of it all (yes, my complaining) is that we finally are home; we can establish some roots. We plan to be here for the foreseeable future. We’re happy to be back on the west coast, in California, living in the Pacific time zone. We’re happy to be much closer to our family and friends.

And we’re happy to take that break from pizza.


There are speakers in the ceiling!

The new home is prepared with 6 speakers, in the ceiling, throughout the living room. When it comes to audio, I am clueless. I have lived 40 years of life being perfectly content with built-in speakers and headphones. And now, I have a home with recessed ceiling speakers and this series of ports.

Something new to learn about and figure out. I want to take advantage of this but not sure how. Help?

Also, the new home is wired with Ethernet cable. Every room has an Ethernet port. My dream. This is something I know about.

Missing material things

We’re in this weird place where we are living in our new home but our things haven’t yet arrived. The moving truck is still working its way across country (from Virginia). I miss our stuff. I’m craving all of our kitchen equipment because I’m getting really tired of eating out, and desperately want to get back to cooking.

I’m missing the dining room table and chairs. A couch would be nice. Our bed… Lord, I miss our bed. An air mattress will only take you so far.

I’m also missing my Kindle (Voyage). I keep kicking myself for packing it rather than keeping it with me. I thought that my iPad would suffice but, I just like the experience on the Kindle better. It’s focused reading. The iPad is a distraction, since I do so many things on it.

What we miss most of all is the feeling of being settled. It was a positive, incremental step moving out of a rental and into our own home. But we don’t feel settled. At least, not until we have out things and I’m able to put our pictures on the walls.

I feel a strong connection to Incheon

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.

I don’t know where I’m from. I know that I was born some where in Korea. I know that I was left at a police station in Seoul, in a neighborhood now known as Dongdaemun market. In 2013, I walked through that neighborhood (multiple times) and visited the area that police station was (it’s no longer there).

That was the closest that I have ever been to “home”.

I felt no connection.

Yeonanbudu Pier. I walked through this area in January 2013, the night before flying home. And again in June 2013, like before, the night before I flew home. I’m drawn to piers and ports. I love the eclectic mix of industry and leisure, ships and boats. This place spoke to me, softly… loudly. Does it mean anything? Who knows.

Wolmido. Two friends, locals to Incheon, took me here for an evening (June 2013). It was summer, hot, and humid. We drank beer and people watched. We laughed at each other and with each other. It was one of the few times in Korea when I felt like I really belonged. Those two friends became brothers that evening. Does it mean anything? Who knows.

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.

I walked through Baedari (bookstore alley) at night, when the stores were closed. It’s lovely.

Gyeongin Ara Waterway… this bike path is on my list of things to do (ride) the next time I am back. I remember seeing it from roads to and from the airport, and always longing to get out and ride it. My hotel (my last summer night there) was very close to Songdo Central Park. I quickly walked through it during my search for dinner (my flight was cancelled and it was late), and made a mental note to spend more time there the next time.

I follow the Incheon K-League club, Incheon United FC. I have yet to see a match in person but I consider myself a fan. Most people only know Incheon as the city where the airport is, a short stop on the way to Seoul. For me, Incheon is a destination; a place to spend time in before anywhere else on the peninsula.

I feel a strong connection to Incheon.


// I subscribe to the Youtube channel because I like to be reminded about the beauty of that country, and all of the things I need to do when I find my way back. When I saw the video centered on Incheon, time stopped for me and, I had to write this post.

Jeju Island has a special, magic for me. But it didn’t feel like home. Perhaps, one day, I’ll write a post about that beautiful island experience. \\

We talkin’ ’bout practice?


The more I write, the better the writing will get.

The more I photograph, the better my photographs will be.


It’s a mantra that I need to incorporate into my approach. I need to “regain” my creativity. I need to reawaken it; I have allowed it to become complacent. My creativity has been binge watching shows on Netflix while eating junk food delivered from Amazon Prime Now and meals delivered by Grubhub, allowing it to never leave the house and rarely leave the couch.

I care about writing. I care about the pens and the notebooks I use. I care about the keyboard that I pound out my thoughts on. I care about the tools of the craft. I need to refocus on the craft itself.

I care about photography. I care about the cameras and, the medium, and the accessories. I love the tools that I have. I care about those tools. I need to refocus on the craft itself.

Five things for the week

Cafe on the Ave

  1. I am not at rest; I am in flux. The rest will come when I am back in Pacific time… I hope.
  2. Been reading a lot about Robin Williams. I… I just don’t know. You just don’t know. You never really do.
  3. White Fang is one of my childhood favorite books, so White Fang (2018) caught my eye while browsing Netflix, last night. Beautiful animation. It was so well done.
  4. I still haven’t gotten the hang of taking better care of myself.
  5. This was a mediocre week. One of those uneventful weeks that help you recalibrate what is good and what is bad.